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Lost without Igor! I moved from Memphis, 2001, and since then my hair is horrible! I have lived from the East Coast/N.C-West Coast/Santa Barbara CA, and I have NEVER found a stylist like Igor! I have not found 1 stylist who takes time to pamper my hair. NO ONE knows how to cut, color or pamper my hair. I would give anything to be able to have Igor and his family's hands back in my hair, again. Igor is a gem!! I miss you Igor and your team of experts!!!

- By Shaun

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Rita & Igor are TRUE ARTIST in Hair Design! You will leave there feeling AMAZING. There is no other Salon experience like this one.

- By Linda Beach

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Igor has been cutting my hair for 25 years. I trust no one else! He will always tell me what I'm doing right as well as wrong. He will also give me an honest opinion when I ask for a haircut that is not right for me. He may do it by saying "NO", but I love him for it!

- By Jean

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We are family!
I love going in because it's a family atmosphere. You can sit and chill and eat animal crackers and have a grand time. They are talented and I trust my hair with them anytime. Keep it up!

- By Anonymous

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